Friday, June 10, 2011

Fall leaves cookie favor

These were made to match the engagement cake.

Fall engagement

This was a three tiered engagement cake made to match the bride's fall theme. Two of the tiers were coconut cake with pineapple cream filling. The top tier was a red velvet with chocolate ganache filling. All the leaves are edible

Communion Cookie favors

These were cookie favors made to match the color theme of a first communion. These are again vanilla cookies covered in fondant. Each was individually wrapped and placed in a vase and displayed at each place setting at the hall.

These were cookie place setting done for my daughter's birthday. Each cookie had the child's name on it.    
They were vanilla cookies covered in fondant

Jungle cake

This cake was made for twins turning 9 and they each wanted their favourite animals on there. The giraffe, lion and monkey are all edible as well as the tree. My personal favourite is the monkey. I added the zebra print for extra pizzaz.

Monkeying around

This cake was for a client who loves monkeys. I wanted to make a fun cake for the 10 year old and that's what I came up with. The monkeys are made of gumpaste and are edible. The tree is also edible.
The sand is made from graham crackers. She absolutely loved the cake.

Little Mermaid

This is my daughter's 5th birthday cake. She is a big Ariel fan and loves the beach, so I wanted to combine both elements for her. The bottom tier was rainbow cake (7layer vanilla cake with each layer coloured in one of the rainbow colours) and filled with vanilla buttercream filling. The top tier was red velvet cake with chocolate ganache filling. The rock that the mermaid is sitting on is rice krispy treats.